iPhones to be useless in India after new TRIA regulations

From the past few months, the rift between the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and Apple Inc. has been on a rise over the issue of the Do Not Disturb app proposed by TRAI.

In the latest TRAI vs Apple report, The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is planning to take a strong action against Apple Inc. if it does not implement on a spam call app on iPhones which is proposed by TRIA within the period of six months. The move by TRAI comes as a means to combat the issue of spam calls and messages in India.

If Apple and TRAI fail to come to an agreement, the move will impact millions of iPhone users in India. There are almost 10 million iPhone users in India. The move is obviously likely to affect a large number of users in India, as their phones will be made useless without network connectivity.

This new TRAI regulation will require mobile operators to stop supporting Apple iPhones if the world’s leading technology company and the manufacturer of iPhones do not add an app on its platform that will allow subscribers to report spam calls and messages. The application has been available on Android for quite some time but Apple hasn’t allowed on its iPhones

Apple is building a new update of its operating system, the iOS 12. In this latest update, a “spam reporting” feature is included. The implementation of the feature, however, is quite different from what TRIA has proposed, as it will require users to enable the feature via the app extension.

Citing user’s privacy issue, Apple is not allowing this move by TRIA. And moreover, Apple is known to fight against its violation of user privacy. Apple made it clear how much it cares about user’s privacy by fighting the San Bernardino case where it refused to allow US security agencies to access the iPhone of a terror suspect.