iPhone 14 Pro might sport a titanium body

Washington: Reports claim that American tech giant Apple is now planning to make its iPhone devices sturdier than ever before with a new titanium body for next year’s iPhone 14 pro models.

According to Mashable, a report by JP Morgan Chase suggests that Apple plans to equip the Pro models in its iPhone 14 line-up, likely coming next year, with a titanium alloy chassis.

This would be a first for the iPhone since previously Apple used aluminium and stainless steel for their devices. Titanium is harder and more resistant to scratches, more resistant to corrosion, and lighter than stainless steel.

However, titanium is harder to etch, and it’s quite prone to fingerprint marks. Apple reportedly has a fix for both of these issues. It will do so by using an oxide coating which should get rid of fingerprints, as well as a new blasting, etching and chemical process that should give titanium a glossier finish.

Notably, Apple does already use titanium for its Apple Watch Edition, which earlier used to have a ceramic case.
In other Apple-related rumours, reports suggest that the company plans to bring Face ID to basically all relevant devices, including all iPads, Macs, and the iPhone SE range.

Though there’s no clear timeline on this, it should eventually happen. This would hence also mean that notches on iPhones are here to stay, even though this year’s iPhone 13 is rumoured to come with a smaller notch than previous models.