iOS 11’s release leads to removal of nearly 200,000 apps

New Delhi: According to new statistics released by analytics firm Sensor Tower with the release of the iOS 11, iOS developers could remove around 200,000 apps from its app store which will be outdated over night. The removal of apps might be 8% out of all the apps that are nearly 187,000 for not compatible to 64-bit processors.

According to Gadgets Now, there was a caution given by Apple as “this app will not work with future versions of iOS” since month. With iOS 11, the company could be forcing developers to adhere to the new 64-bit standard.

“Apple first began telling developers to submit apps in 64-bit in 2014, shortly after it began putting 64-bit capable chips inside the iPhone 5s and iPads in 2013,” Evans writes. “The company hasn’t held off on this warning, and while it has delayed the cut-off point, it hasn’t stopped telling developers to submit 64-bit apps. In theory, this means any app released or updated since early 2015 will already be a 64-bit app,” says Jonny Evans.

iOS will be shown in the year’s WWDC developers conference as they didn’t said when it will be released. Apple is also examining some of the upcoming upcoming iPad models+ with iOS 11.
Last year Apple removed over 47,000 apps according to Sensor Tower.