‘Intolerant’ people should behave according to Indian culture: RSS leader

Jaipur: RSS leader Krishna Gopal on Thursday said that “intolerant” people in the country should change their behaviour according to the Indian culture.

Speaking at a function here, the RSS Sah Sarakaryavah said that Hindu community is “rapidly progressing” in every field be it in business or in the services sector.

“As for Muslims, they are now looking at their roots and want to return,” he said.

Gopal said the several religions and the sects originating in India have “no difference” among each other.

The RSS leader said he has met several Muslims who know their roots and follow the Hindu cultural traditions.

Meanwhile, Higher Education Minister Kiran Maheshwari expressed concern on “anti-India” slogans being raised in universities and said such issues should be dealt with properly.

She called upon the people to play constructive role in the development of the nation and promoting Indian culture.