Intolerance issue more political than social: Subhash Ghai

Mumbai :Filmmaker Subhash Ghai feels the debate on intolerance is more political in nature than social. Ghai took to Twitter to make his point, saying, the people of the country, including the poorest, have been tolerant.

“Babuji says – intolerance comes from intolerant people who are deprived of power, corruption, promotions, facilitations because of changes made. If 100 crore people living in poverty for 70 years have learnt tolerance as their virtue and strength, so why to debate on 12,000 intolerant gems,” he tweeted.

“Finally we can see today that intolerance is more of political issue than a social issue where 124 crore people, including (the) poorest (have) been tolerant,” his other tweet read.

Ghai is the latest Bollywood celebrity to join the ongoing debate on intolerance in India. While superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan admitted the issue exists, stars like Anupam Kher and Ram Gopal Varma questioned its existence.

Ghai also shared a link leading to his Facebook page on the micro-blogging site to explain his opinion.

“So finally truth has come out today that intolerance is more of a political farce than a social or communal issue where 124 crore people including poor and poorest job less less fortunate have been tolerant for years. Treating it as their virtue to be tolerant within given situations. And move ahead with new inspirations,” he wrote.