Internet infidelity can be addictive

London, Oct 26 : Online infidelity can be addictive, according to a recent study.

The Open University psychology academics have found that the internet has made relationships more like fast food – naughty, cheap and very often enjoyed alone without the exhaustion of social niceties, the Independent reported.

One subject who was unfaithful online wrote in the anonymous online survey: “I tried to stop but neither of us could, it would start again and since (sic) so easy, with all the technology we carry around it was an amazingly comforting and sexy thing to have. With long working hours an online relationship is like fast food, ready when we are, naughty, cheap, very often eaten alone without the exhaustion of social niceties.’

The ability to take on another persona online was also cited as a reason technology made infidelity easier.

Elaborating further on their research, Vossler states that the study revealed that men and women do see internet infidelity differently, but it is not just a gender divide – what is experienced as infidelity online can vary from person to person. (ANI)