International Arabic Language Day celebrated in JILT

International Arabic Language Day celebrated in JILT

Hyderabad: On Sunday 18 December 10 am at JILT head office the international Arabic language day was celebrated warmly.

The main object of this event was to define the Arabic language uniqueness and its recognized states in the world. In this event JILT staff members trainers and students weregathered
Mr. A.M.K Siddique, director of JILT Pvt.Ltd, delivered his important lecture on this important day. he said that Arabic language is the best language byits beauty and uniqueness than all languages of the world because of that we call it “mother language”, like a mother has complete capacity to grow her child in her abdomen, in the same way Arabic has all characteristic to support all languages of the world and all the languages take benefits of its morphological syntax, phonologicaland logisticalsystems. Hefurtheradded, we should have to thank Allah to be the learners and the servants of Arabic.And it’s our duty that if we know the language then we should speak and talk in it. Weshould not use colloquial language, but we should have knowledge of all patterns of Arabic language, like classical, modern standard and colloquial. On this auspicious day, he furtheradded that JILT has been givingit’s service for Arabic language cordiallyfor past many years in India. and more than thousand students took the benefit of its services and now they are working in Saudi Arabiya, UAE, Qatar, Oman and many other gulf countries in many sectors,like Engineering,medical,banking,marketing and many more.

Previously, we also launched two bestapplications in Arabic field, one is India’s first bilingual application named as Mudarris to learn Arabic language through English and Urdu and second is the website called “Quranhub.net”. And this web portal was inaugurated in collaboration with Siasattechnologies limited. On this great occasion, he also set the plan of one year Arabic language developmentby the assist of latest modern technology, JILT will launch “Kalmia Youmiya” and Mudarris Muajam project that are completely based on cloud technologies and will also open Arabic online help window for Arabic learners for free.He also added that Jilt will launchMudarrisMuajam and QuranhubiOS version very soon by Allah’s will. Then he also added that now we usually just focus on readingQuranwithoutunderstandingit which shouldn’t be happen where as Quran is the guidance for us from Allah, we should understand it.

Nowadays, the most important challenge is that we are using colloquial Arabic and mixing so many words of other languages and because of that we are neglecting the importance of Arabic language. We should have to think about it and he also makes sure that we can complete our goals till next year before the seasion. however at 11 O’clock the meeting was over.