Inter-caste marriage, woman commits suicide, husband missing

Hyderabad: As the fallout of inter-caste marriage dispute, a 20-year-old, woman committed suicide at her parent’s house. Hyderabad High Court had issued summon to her for seeking information regarding her husband, but she committed suicide a day after she received the summon. According to sources her husband has been missing since the beginning of the month and the court wanted to get information about her.

According to sources, T Swathi and 24-year-old, Naresh got married in Mumbai. Later on May 2, Swathi reached her parent’s house after her father asked her to return home. After that Naresh went missing. Naresh’s father filed a writ petition suspecting Swathi’s father. High Court had asked Swathi to appear before court. In order to avoid appearance before the court the woman committed suicide by hanging herself to the ceiling of the bathroom.

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