Intellectuals lament dying Urdu Education among Muslims

Hyderabad: Mr. Nawab Shah Aalam Khan hosted a reception on the arrival of Academician Mr. Ahmed Rasheed Sherwani at Hyderabad. Several literary and academic personalities attended the function hosted at his residence of Nawab Shah Aalam Khan, located at Barkatpura.

Nawab Shah Aalam Khan welcomed Chief Guest Mr. Ahmed Rasheed Sherwani and his better half. Mr. Ahmed Rasheed Sherwani during his address threw light on the importance of promotion of Urdu education among Muslims. He lamented upon the current situation of Urdu education. He recollected that when he was in school a large number of students opted Urdu as medium of education. Now the situation is quite opposite, he said. He asserted that if the Urdu speaking people resolve to preserve their language no force can become a hurdle in promotion of Urdu language. On the other hand if Urdu speaking people themselves show indifference towards their own language no force can give it its due place.

Noted humourist Mujtaba Husain introduced Ahmed Rasheed Sherwani. Shagoofa editor Dr. Mustafa Kamal, Ex-Head of the Department of Urdu in Osmania University and Hyderabad Central University Prof. Baig Ehsaas, Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing editor Siasat, Mrs. Laxmi Devi Raj, ex-Vice Chancellor Dr. Akber Ali Khan, Turab-ul-Hasan, IAS, Naseema Turab-ul-Hasan, professors of Anwar-ul-Uloom College, Iftekhar Husain Fida and others were also present on the occasion. The function was followed by a sumptuous dinner.

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