Intelectuals condemn the hate speech of Akbar Owaisi

We strongly condemn the reprehensible speech by Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi of MIM and member of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly delivered recently in Nirmal town of Andhra Pradesh. Such obnoxious speeches and statements divide society, vitiate peace and lead to conflicts and riots that eventually result in deaths and destruction causing untold hardships to the poor of all communities. Coming from a responsible Member of a Legislative Assembly makes it even more detestable and unacceptable.

We demand that the authorities take exemplary action in the matter to ensure that such intolerable acts are never repeated again, anywhere by anyone and secure peace and harmony in the country.

Elections are due next year and given the history of instigation of communal conflicts for polarization of communities to reap electoral benefits, we can expect more such provocative statements and hate filled speeches by representatives of different communal parties and reactionary groups.  Hence we appeal to the people not to react to such deliberate provocations and fall prey to the machinations of communal parties that seek electoral gains through politics of hate and violence.    

Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer- Mumbai
Swami Agnivesh- New Delhi
Mahesh Bhatt- Mumba
Mazher Hussain- Hyderabad
Hamid Mohammad Khan- Hyderabad
M. Mandal- Hyderabad
Irfan Engineer- Mumbai
Sandeep Panday- Lucknow
Ram Punyani- Mumbai