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Intel CEO becomes 3rd to quit Trump’s Council

Intel CEO becomes 3rd to quit Trump’s Council
Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich

New York: Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO has become the third Cheif Executive Officer to quit President Trump’s manufacturing Council in protest in just one day, the company announced in a blog post late on Monday.

“I stand with others for equality and improving US competitiveness. Both require improving in today’s environment,” Krzanich said.

Earlier, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank and Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier, both resigned,
Krzanich is the third CEO to leave Trump’s committee on Monday. Trump swiftly retaliated against Merck, tweeting:

According to a report by BGR, Krzanich’s withdrawl is a stark change for Intel, which has worked closely with the Trump administration.

In addition to his participation in Trump’s advisory committee on manufacturing, he visited the White House earlier this year, and re-announced a factory development in the US to boost Trump’s favoribility.

In the blog post on official website, Intel CEO wrote: “I have already made clear my abhorrence at the recent hate-spawned violence in Charlottesville, and earlier today I called on all leaders to condemn the white supremacists and their ilk who marched and committed violence. I resigned because I want to make progress, while many in Washington seem more concerned with attacking anyone who disagrees with them. We should honour – not attack – those who have stood up for equality and other cherished American values.”

Michael Dell is the only tech CEO left on Trump’s council, although he’s still in good company. The CEOs of Dow Chemical, Nucor, CE, and more, all remain as of the moment. Many have condemned the weekend’s events in Charlottesville, but have said that remaining engaged is the best course of action.