Insufficient representation of Muslims in Civil Services

New Delhi: Educational backwardness of the Muslims has always been a topic for discussion. Many Circles express their anxiety that the Muslims are not being represented according to the size of their population. UPA Govt. had appointed Sachar Committee to look into the educational backwardness of the Muslims. It submitted its report but appropriate measures were not taken to redress their grievances.

U.P.S.C declared the results of Civil Service examination held last years. Out of 759 candidates who qualified for civil services, there are 27 Muslims which is far below their percentage of the population.

Dr. Zafar Mahmood, Chairman of Zakat Foundation of India told that the percentage of the Muslims who passed the civil services this year is less them one according to their population.

Dr. Zafar Mohamod told that Sir Syed Coaching and Guidance Center was established in New Delhi in 2009.

Interested candidates may register their applications online from January to June every year at Candidates are selected on the basis of an entrance test.

As per the recently declared result of civil service examination, 18 candidates who had obtained training though Sir Syed Coaching Center have cracked the examination.

Mr. Junaid Ahmed who secured the third rank in civil service exam told that he was selected for IRS in 2018 but he wanted to become an IAS officer. He worked hard and cracked the exam this year. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Jaleel, who secured 434th rank told that from his State, Kerala, many youths prefer to go to Gulf countries but he stayed in India and prepared for civil service exam.

Mr. Mohammed Shahid Raza Khan who secured 571st rank told that he belongs to Gaya District in Bihar.

He studied at JNU and completed a Ph.D. in 2011.