Inspiring: Visually impaired Satender cleared country’s toughest exams

NEW DELHI: Visually-challenged Satender Singh became the inspiration for others after he cleared country’s toughest civil service examinations.

The 27-year-old Assistant Professor at Aurobindo Evening College,  Satinder opened up on his preparations, college life and about unforeseen circumstances that still haunts him.

Satinder was born in the farmer family of Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha district. Good in studies since his childhood, Satinder said that tragic incident made him lose his eyesight.

A wrong injection took away his eyesight but not hope

“When I was one-and-half years old, I was in hospital due to pneumonia. I was given a wrong injection there which damaged my optic nerves because of which I lost my eyesight. My world fell apart after that incident and it was difficult for me to come to terms with that,” In an exclusive conversation with Indiatimes.

After completing schooling Hindi medium government school, he got admission in country’s prestigious St’ Stephen’s College. After that he did MA from in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University and has been working as Assistant Professor in Aurobindo Evening College for the last three years.

He also said that his family contributed a lot in his teaching. They sometimes has to sell the animals to pay his fees.


When asked why he choose UPSC, Satender said, “I chose services because there’s a diversity of challenges that we will face. This keeps you going. Fulfilling job. Somebody got their due because of you, will give you utmost happiness in comparison to corporate jobs”, he added.

He prepare for Civil Service Examination through Google ‘TalkBack’ application. TalkBack application is a vital tool for blind or visually impaired smartphone users that provides spoken feedback and facilitates eyes-free operation.

Satender owe his success and a great deal of gratitude to college for embracing him with open arms. Not only their families but also the people of the village are also proud of him and congratulating the family.

By achieving 714th rank in third attempt, Satender proved that nothing is impossible.

His message to youths is:

“Whatever adversity you go through, make sure you have faith in yourself. If you are composed, there will be results, that will surprise you. Life is a miracle.”