Inspired by Kanhaiya Kumar, Delhi CM Kejriwal demands ‘azadi’

New Delhi: Chants of ‘azadi’ that dominated in JNUSU leader Kanhaiya Kumar’s rousing speech on Thursday, was used by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’ to demand freedom from the
“interferences” of the Lt Governor and the Centrein the functioning of his government.

Kejriwal, who has repeatedly voiced his support for Kumar and the JNU agitation, on Friday interpreted ‘Azadi’ (freedom) as a citizenry free to take decisions and politics devoid of arrogance.

“What do we demand? Azaadi (Freedom). Azaadi from the interference of Lt Governor. Azaadi from the interference of Centre. Azaadi for people to take decisions. Azaadi from political arrogance,” Kejriwal tweeted in Hindi.

Kumar on Friday won accolades from non-BJP leaders for his speech last night, which has also been making waves on social media, in which he took on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the RSS-BJP combine.

Kejriwal, who tweeted “What a brilliant speech by Kanhaiya” even as the latter was speaking, said, “I told you several times Modi ji (Prime Minister), don’t mess with students. Modi ji did not pay heed.”