Innovation is mother of entrepreneurship: KTR

The first ever Festival of Innovation, Innofest kicked off at IIITH/T-Hub here on Saturday.

The full day festival was formally inaugurated by Information Technology Minister K. Tarakarama Rao innotavtiely using technology, making drone to unveil the banner of the festval. The drone lifted up the banner of the festival unfurled.

Speaking on the occasion, KTR said “sad if politicians have to live 150 years”, referring to the earlier speaker Mohan Das Pai, who said “a child born in America will live for 100 years. Because of the technological advancements and improved healthcare, the longevity of life is extended. So we will see Modi and Advani living for 150 years”.

T-Hub was created to provide platform for incubation, innovation, disruption (again referring to the previous speaker), said KTR.

“The age old Indian inventions are not acknowledged adequately. They were stolen by west to put it bluntly, Rama Rao informed. There are three take a ways. History is always is written by victors. At T-Hub we will protect your intellectual property. Whatever you create, it is yours,” he said.

Speaking further, KTR added that Indians are known for their brains, prowess. “We don’t know to create something out of nothing. But, Americans are very good in creating something out of nothing. They are damn good in selling, marketing, promoting themselves well. We need to come out of our skin, present, talk, sell yourself, he told 1200 plus young innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs assembled there.”

“It is said ‘necessity is mother of invention. Now, innovation is now mother of entrepreneurship. This will propel India’s greatness. He gave ‘3 Is’ Manthra-Incumbate, Innovate, Incorporate. And asked to add fourth ‘I’, that is the geniuses of ‘Indians’ to you innovation. You are world of new age heroes. We need our own heroes here in India. Let us all strive hard for making “Hyderabad the Startup Capital of India,” the Minister said while concluding his address.

Delivering Key Note address, Mohandas Pai, Angel Investor & Ex-Infosys Board Member spoke about ‘disruption’, how it was changing our lives. Several hudred years back our artisans created products. British disrupted our artisan system. We built monuments with our muscle power. Then we relayed on human power. But, invention of steam engine 200years ago caused the biggest disruption. Taking 200years back he said. Suddenly we had the capacity to harness the power of the steam engine. What 100people used to do with their muscle power was done by machines. This gave us speed and momentum.

Then he spoke about various disruptions, disruption in education. Two things he made very noteworthy. The Internet is the biggest disruption happening now. The bigger disruption that’s happening today is the Internet. “Seven billion people living together will soon be connecting with one another via the Internet. Three and half billion people are already connected. Then supply chain was the great innovation if changed the way manufacturing and distribution happened in the past. Now 3 D printing is going to the biggest disruption. You can print your house, layer by layer in three days,” he said.

Dr. Sudarshana Sastry, Vedic Scholar of SRIVT Vedic Tech, who decoded the materialistic meaning from Scriptures and developed Nano copper Oxides formula. He developed many green nano products. He asked the gathering who was the real entrepreneur? The one who Knows thyself – Asatoma Sadgamaya; the one who innovates thyself – Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya; Who distribute thyself – Mrithyorma Amrithangamaya is the real entrepreneur. Maharshis are real entrepreneurs, he said. They have contributed a lot for common good of the people, he said. India is rich country, add your innovation and make it become ‘Vishwa guru”(leader of the world) he said.

About 1200 delegates, 150 innovators, 100 makers took part in the fest. Some of the innovations include: Smart Auto of Gayam Motor Work which runs on Electricity. This costs Rs 1.5 to 2.5 lakh depends on the type of the battery. Nearly one crore conventional autos are sold. We want to sell 10,000 smart autos in next one year. The smart auto is due for launch in January, informed Gayam Rahul and Gayam Raja, both brothers. (INN)