Video: Innocent Muslim youth were subjected to third degree torture in jail

Hyderabad: Youth who were acquitted in Begumpet Task Force office blast case said that they do not need any character certificate but if investigations are carried out unbiased and with transparency, true character of Muslim youth will be exposed. Narrating their ordeal while languishing in jail for 12 years, the youth said there won’t be any yardstick to measure the atrocities and torture meted out to them.

Mohammed Abdul Zahed who was acquitted by the court a day before told that we were accused but were harassed more than the convicts. He told that one of his friends was not even granted bail on medical grounds. He said he went to jail thanks to media and police and had to suffer a lot. Media and police declared them terrorists and they were called by that name in jail too.

He told, despite being innocent we had to languish in jail for 12 long years; had to face mental trauma. We were looked upon as terrorists in the society. Before the decision of court jail authorities declared us criminals and named us as ISI agents.

Zahed told that he was conspired against after a petty incident occurred near Moosa Ram Bagh Masjid in 2006. ‘At first I was arrested on the charges of conspiring attack on former Malakpet MLA Indrasena Reddy (BJP). However police could not proof the charges. Later Begumpet Task Force office blast occurred, after which police called me and I was arrested in that case. I was kept in jail for 12 years despite the fact that I was innocent. After Task Force arrested me and my friends we were badly beaten and third degree was used. We were shifted to one jail from another. Our jail barrack was named ISI agents barrack. When we were taken to hospital, doctors were told that we were ISI agent, after which doctors’ attitude towards us would completely change. Police knew very well that be it Makkah Masjid or Begumpet blast Muslim youth are innocent still we were tortured.

Zahed said ‘criminals like Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Colonel Purohit, Aseemanand can get bail but police obstruct our bail. ‘Government has given compensation and character certificate to the innocent youth framed in Makkah Masjid blast but can it return the 12 crucial years of their lives’, he questioned.

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