Innocent Muslim acquitted due to Babulal Marandi’s efforts: Jamiatul Quraish

New Delhi: Former Jharkhand chief minister Babulal Marandi held a special meeting with President India Islamic Cultural Centre. On the occasion officials of All India Jamiatul Quraish Jharkhand and Delhi hailed Babulal Marandi and informed him about the problems confronted by Quraish community. Babulal Marandi assured that he will talk to the officers and resolve the problems faced by Quraish community.

On the occasion officials of Jamiatul Quraish told that though he is not the chief minister, Babulal Marandi has helped troubled Muslims. They told that police had arrested Dr Intezaar Ali on false charges of terrorism but Babulal Marandi investigated on his own and put the facts before the high officials. They told that Muslims of Jharkhand will always remember Babulal Marandi for the fact that an innocent man was acquitted from false charges due to his efforts.