Innocent man beaten up on pretext of carrying beef in Nagpur

‘Wasn’t beef but mutton’ says victim

New Delhi: A month later after the death of an innocent boy Junaid due to lynching by mobs, which raised controversy across the nation, also called out for protest against the violence and lynching’s of minorities, the crime and inhuman violence doesn’t seem to end for the minority community, as one more incident has been reported where a man is brutally beaten on the pretext of carrying beef.

The incident took place in Bharisingi, Nagpur where a man is publicly beaten by a mob gang for allegedly carrying beef.

Nagpur Police has registered a case against the gang and is currently interrogating the four members reported the sources.

ANI News has also shared the video which shows the man is brutally beaten kicked by mobs.

The sample of the meat was sent to Forensic Department for analysis.

So far numerous cases have been reported in India, but the law and order of the nation choose to stay silent. The offenders are not punished and roam freely targeting their next victim.

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How many more innocent lives and blood of the citizens does the nation really need to act upon this injustice and establish a strict law and order against this crime? The government chooses to stay silent, with no law passed to control this violence throughout the nation.