Initiative to eradicate superstition with ‘Conscious Prophecy’

New Delhi [India]: In an initiative to eradicate superstition from the country, Vedic Grace Foundation, has introduced ‘Conscious Prophecy’ in India.

In view of numerous incidents of cheating, where people are scared by showing their bad planet condition, it is essential to make them aware about the conscious prophecy so that they do not get cheated, informs Vinayak Bhatt, cosmic counselor at Vedic Grace Foundation

‘Conscious Prophecy’ is an expression of humanity’s perennial yearning for a comprehensive understanding of our unity with the cosmos. It is practised in Holland and IWOA institute in US.

The recent incident of a family keeping vigil over a man’s body for about three months with the hope of resurrecting him at Kolathur, in Kerala shows how the roots of superstition are widely spread in India. It is spread equally among urban communities; according to a survey about 61% of Indian employees are superstitious.

According to Conscious Prophecy, there is an electromagnetic and gravitational effects originating within the solar system that put impact on human consciousness.

Human Brain is consisted of nine divisions and they have same functionality as of Planets in astrology. The Thalamus is the main and central place in the brain; it acts like the Sun and determines the integral characteristics of all expressions. Hypothalamus beneath the Thalamus acts like moon, It is associated with emotion and physiological responses to emotions, Amygdala is Mars that controls the movement, Subthalamus is Mercury, Globus Pallidus is Jupiter, Substancia Nigra is Venus, Putamen is Saturn, Nucleus Caudatus Head is Ascending Lunar Node, it controls the eye movement and Nucleus Caudatus Tail Descending Lunar Node controls the function of Central Nervous System.

Thus consciousness is composed of divine energy with a wealth of resources, wisdom and peace. You have everything you need. How do you bring consciousness to the parts of your chart that makes difference, informs Bhatt.

According to 40 Branches of Vedas, Everyone has all astrological energies within us. It’s a misconception that planets are bad or the reason for x, y, and z in your life. Every planet – even planets strongly placed – has a high side and a low side. We have to bring the highest consciousness to every planet in our chart regardless of placement, strength, elevation, and detriment. Some of the hardest working, most talented, and high achieving people have complicated, messy charts. Why? Because they took the resistance and transmuted it into something better.

Therefore there are remedies according to Vedic Science to activate the predisposition in right direction. If everyone understand the basic scientific concept of cosmic movement, nobody would not be able to cheat any one by showing fear of planets and black magic. (ANI)