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Infosys to modernise US district’s IT systems

Infosys to modernise US district’s IT systems

Bengaluru: Infosys Public Services Inc, a US-based subsidiary of global software major, on Friday announced that it has secured a lucrative deal to modernise IT systems of the District of Columbia’s department of human services.

“The project aims to modernise the district’s eligibility and enrolment system for food assistance, cash assistance and other social services benefit programmes,” the company said here in a statement.

The district got clearance from food and nutrition services, an agency in the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), to move the new system into the pilot production phase.

The pilot phase is the federally-mandated final test phase before the system is allowed to launch. Entering this phase requires the system to meet pre-set quality criteria and to be approved by the agency’s oversight team to move forward.

The access system replaces the district’s legacy system with a scalable, agile and citizen-centric solution.

“Built on the IBM Cüram social programme management solution, the new system will improve the management of important social services programmes for over 200,000 residents by collecting information about each person, automating case administration, determining integrated eligibility and issuing benefits.

The system will be extended to support other health and social programmes, providing the district’s citizens and caseworkers with a way to check eligibility for various health and social programmes through a single application.

The IT subsidiary has been the district’s prime contractor to implement its health benefit exchange, health link and in modernising its legacy eligibility system for more federal, local health and social programmes.

“Many health and human services organisations see the value of modernising and integrating their social programmes to reduce costs and improve service to citizens,” said Infosys president Eric Paternoster in the statement.

The project required the company to draw on its healthcare expertise, legacy modernisation solutions and programme management to build the district’s new system in six months.

“The federal approval to move the link for food and cash programmes is a milestone in the access system project goal to modernise IT infrastructure for serving our residents better,” district’s Chief Information Officer Marinal Havan added.