Infiltration attempts from Pakistan have increased, says BSF

New Delhi, Nov. 27 (ANI): The Border Security Force (BSF) on Friday said the attempts to infiltrate from Pakistan side have seen a considerable jump this year.

Talking to reporters in New Delhi ahead of BSF’s golden jubilee, BSF Director General D.K. Pathak said there have been “desperate” and “daring” bids by militants to infiltrate and put the number of infiltration attempts at 62. The figures for last year stood at 48.

“Our responsibility is to guard the international border. In the last one year, from January till now, there have been 62 attempts of infiltration. No attempt has been successful and we are prepared for future. They always keep trying which is why the number has increased so much. The people at their launch pads keep mobilising them. They keep trying to send them across the border,” said Pathak.

He also said though the cross-border firing had increased between India and Pakistan but it did not continue for long after the DG-level talks between the two nations in September.

“On three occasions, there were cross-border firings. But what is the best part of this entire scenario is that after the DG-level talk, we developed a mechanism of communication so that whenever this kind of misunderstanding was developing, whatever was the confusion in the minds of theirs or ours, was immediately sorted out and this kind of cross-border firing didn’t continue for long as it used to happen earlier that firing had been going on for days together,” added Pathak. (ANI)