Infidelity on rise with technology

New Delhi: In this time and age, technology and its impact on our daily lives are proving to be both beneficial as well as disadvantageous.

According to recent surveys conducted on relationships, statistics show the infidelity rate has risen up in these times with Divorce Lawyers confirming it too.

According to law firms and Divorce lawyers couples in this virtual times and technology, end up having multiple online affairs, with as many as five at a time.

The communication between couples is now widely based on text messaging and dating apps to social media apps such as Linkedin, Facebook Insta etc according to a Daily Mail story.
Abigail Lowther, an associate solicitor at a law firm speaking about partners told that her clients now usually complain that the same technology is ‘putting temptation at their partners’ fingertips’.

Joanne Edwards, Forster’s firm partner has also agreed to this situation where technology and infidelity are existing side by side. She said, “Technology puts people within messaging distance of old or new flames and means that a spouse can be cheating when sitting in the same room with their husband and wife.”

Joanna Pratt, Thomson Snell & Passmore’s partner agreeing to the situation says while technology is making affairs easier for couples these times but it is also making it easier to uncover infidelity among couples.