Infant dies under suspicious condition at Necklace Road

Hyderabad: Viral messages started pouring in when the news of the suspicious death of an infant girl spread who had died at Jalvihar, Necklace Road on 24th May.

According to the details, a 14-month-old girl who was the daughter of labourers staying in huts near Jalvihar suddenly disappeared from her house. When her parents reached the hut in the evening, they did not find the girl. They informed the police. The dead body of the girl was found in the sump near Jalvihar, Necklace Road.

After this incident, viral messages started again. In many WhatsApp groups, the news was posted that an infant girl was kidnapped and murdered. Police reviewed all the CCTV recordings and did not find anything about the girl. It has come to a conclusion that it is not a case of kidnapping or murder. Investigations are in progress.

–Siasat News