Inefficiency of Shia Waqf Board Chairman Wasim Rizvi exposed

New Delhi: Shia Waqf Board Chairman Wasim Rizvi who has converted the Board into a political battlefield, was exposed when the team of Central Waqf Council Govt. of India reviewed his performance. No survey of Waqf land has been done so far nor has computerization of Waqf land been done.

The team observed that the Shia Waqf Board seems to be unaware of its duties, the team found several lapses in its performance. The Shia Waqf Board has not maintained any connection with the central government. According to sources since 1986-87 the Shia Waqf Board has not even paid 1% fee to the Central Waqf Council. The team found lack of coordination between the central and the state governments.

Computerization of Waqf record is being done at a brisk pace across the country however, no such initiative has been taken is Shia Waqf Board.

According to sources shockingly Shia Waqf Board has no tribunal report nor has money to pay to lawyers.