Watch Video: Those who indulge in extravagance marriage practices are ‘Shaitaan Ke Dost’

The Nikah (marriage) in Islam should be simple and easy, is the command of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Not many decades ago, Nikah used to be very simple and ordinary. Sorry to say, but in present times, especially in Hyderabad, they have become a means to grandiose and pompous display of social status and one’s affluence. More profligate and lavish the marriage, greater the show-off!

•    It’s a Catch 22 situation for several middle class Muslim families in Hyderabad who are falling into the debt trap just to show off.

•    The well heeled enjoy the show-off of their own shallowness over the extravagant dining tables decorated with 20 to 30 various dishes from ‘marag’ to ‘Murgh Mussalam at their daughter’s or son’s wedding.

•    The poor and middle class families emulating the rich incurred expenditure beyond their affordability and are forced to borrow money through other means and ultimately fall in the debt trap.

•    The following video puts some lights on the squander practices By Sheikh Yaser Al Jabri Madani organized by AL Asr Foundation. Hyderabad

Video courtesy:Al Asr