Indrani Mukerjea claims Sheena Bora is alive residing in US .

Again a new turn in Sheena Bora’s murder mystery.

Indrani Mukerjea, the alleged killer of her daughter Sheena Bora, claims that her daughter is alive and is presently residing in the United States. She said she is not coming forward to unfold the mystery over her death as she dislikes her.

After interrogations, cops revealed that Indrani Mukerjea, was stuck onto the claim that Sheena is in US.

Sheena Bora was allegedly killed by her mother, step-father Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyam in April 2012. The three accused strangled her in a hired car and burnt the body and dumped it in Raigad.

Indrani, since three years, was telling her friends and relatives that Sheena moved to US. She even claims that Sheena, who was dating Indrani’s stepson Rahul, met someone new in the US and they got married.

All three accused were produced before the court yesterday, and now face two more charges – attempting murder and poisoning Mekhail Bora, Sheena Bora’s younger brother.

They were then sent to police custody till Sept 5. Indrani had even fainted in the court during the proceedings.