Indo-Pak relations: US wants Narendra Modi, Nawaz Sharif to hold dialogues, says John Kerry

Lahore: The United Stated has asserted that it is maintaining close ties with India and Pakistan as they help in reducing tensions between the two hostile neighbours adding that they wants the Prime Ministers to hold bilateral talks.

According to the Dawn, US Secretary of State John Kerry argued in two recent congressional hearings that the US has been working “really hard” to advance a “rapprochement” between Islamabad and New Delhi.

A transcript released yesterday shows that Kerry indirectly confirmed media reports that the US had been quietly encouraging the two prime ministers to hold bilateral talks.

“We encourage that. I think it’s required to encourage both leaders to engage in the dialogue that they’ve engaged in. And needless to say, we don’t want to do things that upset the balance.

But we do believe that Pakistan is engaged legitimately in a very tough fight against identifiable terrorists in their country that threaten Pakistan,” he argued.

A Pakistani delegation reached US on Sunday for a strategic dialogue that seeks to enhance Islamabad’s relations with Washington.

The discussions on non-proliferation precede a nuclear summit Washington is hosting next month. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif will be attending the summit.