Indo-Pak deadlock: NSA-talks would have helped eradicate terror, says NCP

Expressing its disappointment over the suspension of India-Pakistan dialogue, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Sunday said that the talks would have helped both the nations by eradicating terror.

“Had the talks taken place today, it would have helped both the countries and the whole Asian region for peace and progress, but in order to secure peace the terror must go,” said NCP leader Majeed Memon.

“For eradicating terror it was important that both countries should come to some kind of understanding,” he added.

Memon further said that the NSA-level talks had to be called-off for various reasons.

“The circumstances developing in last few hours before the talks were such that the tension mounted, with both sides remaining stubborn on their stands,” he said.

“As far as India is concerned we have enough evidences against Pakistan to demonstrate before the world that what we say appears to be the truth and what Pakistan is saying is a half truth or fabricated situation,” he added.

Pakistan called off the NSA-level talks with India late yesterday night.

A statement issued by Pakistan Foreign Office said the proposed talks will not serve any purpose if conducted on the basis of what it called “preconditions” laid down by India. (ANI)