Indo-Canadian Woman, Lover Found Guilty Of Murder

TORONTO: A jury has found Gurpreet Ronald, 37, and her lover Bhupinderpal Gill, 41, guilty of first degree murder of Gill’s wife in the sensational Indo-Canadian love triangle murder case.

The jury after a nine-week trial in the Superior Court in Ottawa found both the lovers guilty of killing Jagtar Gill, 43, who was found dead in the family home in January 2014.

The 12-member gave its verdict on Wednesday.

Mother of three, Jagtar Gill was stabbed and bludgeoned to death on her 17th wedding anniversary. A day before her murder, she underwent a hernia surgery.

Gurpreet Ronald and Bhupinderpal Gill, fellow bus drivers with Ottawa’s OC Transpo and neighbours, were in a relationship. They conspired to kill Gill’s wife so that they could be together, the jury heard during the trial.

Since they “dreamed of being together”, they plotted the murder of Gill’s wife.

Gurpreet Ronald, a mother of two girls, is married to Jason Ronald who is also a driver with the same company in Ottawa.

During her testimony, Gurpreet admitted that she had an affair with Gill. But she told the jury that her sexual relationship with Gill was “not satisfactory” and that she had an affair with another fellow driver at the same time while she was in a relationship with Gill.

Her lawyer told the jury that she depended on Gill only for “emotional support, a shoulder to cry upon” and she had no intention of being with him.

During his testimony, Gill told the jury that he ended his affair with Gurpreet in 2013 before his wife was killed in January 2014.

During the trial, a psychic also testified that Gill and Gurpreet had consulted her about their future together. Gurpreet’s husband also testified, telling the jury how his wife tried to attack him with a knife many times.