Indira’s daughter-in-law must remember ’emergency’: Uma Bharti

Bhopal: Reacting to the stalled proceedings in the Parliament over the National Herald case, Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti on Saturday warned Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi to respect the law and the constitution or else she would be ‘rejected’ by the nation the same way Indira Gandhi was after she had imposed Emergency in India.

“Rahul and Sonia think they are above the law. Sonia has said that she is Indira’s daughter-in-law and now she is trying to revive the past of making amendments in the constitution and refusing to adhere to the law,” Bharti told ANI.

Bharti asserted that Indira was rejected by the nation when she tried to change the constitution and that her family had subsequently lost the polls.

“Sonia must remember that the nation will respect her if she reveres the law and the constitution or else she will be treated the same way Indira was after the emergency,” Bharti added.

Meanwhile, the government slammed the Congress party for stalling the proceedings of the Parliament, saying that the latter were fighting a legal battle in the House instead of fighting it in the court.

“The Parliament is not functioning, particularly the upper house. The Congress party is making a hue and cry and stopping the Parliament from functioning over the verdict of Delhi High Court. They are saying the government is resorting to political vendetta. The government is nowhere in the picture,” Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu told reporters here.

The Congress MPs have been disrupting the Parliament with continuous protest over the National Herald case and have alleged ‘vendetta politics’ which have lead to repeated adjournments of both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s had suggested that the opposition must not paralyse the Parliament based on their ‘whims and fancies’. Reacting to this, Congress President Sonia Gandhi had said “Let him say what he wants”. (ANI)