Indigo starts charging for web-check in, aviation ministry responds

IndiGo, India’s largest airline is now charging for web check-in of all seats as carriers continue to look for ways to make up for higher costs.

The airline said it has revised its policies since Nov. 14 to make all seats selected online chargeable, as tweeted by the airline. It will now cost between Rs 100 and Rs 800 depending on the preference. The charges will be added even when a passenger selects the option of web check-in at the time of buying the ticket.

The Civil Aviation ministry has tweeted “We are reviewing these fees to see whether they fall within the unbundled pricing framework,” the aviation ministry tweeted on Monday morning.

IndiGo will continue to allocate seats without the extra charge to flyers checking in at the airport and those with corporate bookings.

According to the report published in Times of India, IndiGo, which has a 43% market share in the domestic aviation circuit, will prompt other carriers to take a similar move.