IndiGo de-boards Dr. after he complains of mosquitoes, asked to go to lounge on foot

Lucknow: IndiGo on Monday allegedly manhandled another passenger and offloaded him after he complained of mosquitoes on the aircraft at Lucknow Airport. Dr Saurabh Rai, a prominent heart surgeon from Bengaluru was not even provided car or bus service to get to the airport lounge by the security staff and was made to walk on foot.

A DNA report quoted several co-passengers, who have requested for anonymity as saying “Dr Rai was forcefully offloaded from the plane after boarding it on seat number 22 C.” One co-passenger said he was asked to take another flight for Bengaluru.

Meanwhile, IndiGo’s internal tweets on social media @InndiGo6E claimed that Dr Saurabh Rai was offloaded from 6E541 due to ‘unruly’ behaviour. It said the passenger used aggressive language and was trying to instigate other passengers.

“Dr Rai had initially expressed concerns regarding mosquitoes on board. Before his concern could be addressed, he became aggressive and used threatening language, including the word ‘highjack’. He also attempted to instigate other passengers to damage the aircraft,” said IndiGo in the tweet.

“Keeping in mind safety protocols as well as passengers’ unruly behaviour, the pilot-in-command decided to offload Dr Rai,” said the tweet.

This is not the first time, that the budget carrier has been highlighted. In November last year, a couple of IndiGo ground staff were caught on camera brutally pushing and pinning down a flyer.