Indigenous fair held to revive Tripura’s literature and culture

Agartala : Recently, an ‘indigenous literature and cultural fair’ was organized in Tripura with an aim to promote traditions and cultures of various tribes of the region.

It was organised at Khumlung in West Tripura District.

The event was organized by Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) with an aim to keep alive the culture and traditions of tribal communities in Tripura.

During the event, various tribes like Reang, Chakma, Noatia, Uchui, Jamatia, Santal, Orang and others displayed their lifestyle, culture, heritage, food habits and festivals.

A group of artists performed a traditional song with flutes and drums to enthrall the audience.

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar inaugurated the event.

“The communities which have very small number of people alive and who communicate in their own language, special care is being taken for preserving their culture and traditions because on it shall depend their future existence and development. In this direction the Tripura government, with its limited resources, is giving equal importance to language, culture and tradition of all communities and is working for preserving and developing them,” said Sarkar.

During the event, books and handicrafts stalls were also put up where they displayed a variety of items like cane and bamboo products, ornaments, shawls, indigenous household tools and decorative items.

Women also demonstrated different kinds of weaving, Knitting and cotton yarning and spinning.

“The main aim behind formation of the ADC is to preserve the indigenous people land, language and culture. At such a juncture we are trying to preserve and protect the language and culture of the various 27 tribes and sub-tribes of Tripura and they do not get lost as due to globalization. And this is the main reason behind organizing the indigenous culture and heritage fair,” said Radha Charan Debbarma, one of the organisers.

“I have come here to see this fair and very happy to hear our traditional songs and music being played here. Beside this indigenous life style, dress, ornaments, household thing are being displayed for people to know.. It is a very good initiative for the new generation to know about our tradition and to preserve them,” said Mamata Rupini, a visitor.

The Northeast region boasts of a rich and varied culture.

Such events not only bring together people on one platform but also help in spreading awareness about the indigenous cultures. (ANI)