India’s largest cancer institute begins recruitment for 2705 posts

New Delhi: Around 2705 posts have been created at India’s largest cancer institute – National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the recruitment process for the same also commenced on Sunday.

Dr GK Rath, Head, IRCH, AIIMS told ANI, “While cancer specialists from AIIMS have already started to visit NCI on weekly basis, for OPDs, 2705 posts have also been created and recruitment process for the same has also begun.”

Located in Haryana’s Jhajjar district, NCI has registered 415 patient visits for OPD since December 18 last year. Currently, there are 15 senior cancer specialists and 25 junior doctors whose accommodation has been arranged inside the campus, the hospital authorities revealed.

The newly built institute has paperless registration and all the data are recorded through in-built digital system.

In order to provide easy access to patients for travelling to and fro from the NCI campus, AIIMS authorities and the health ministry are in talks to come up with sufficient bus services.

AIIMS authorities further stated that NCI will also focus on translational research on India Specific Cancers which shall enable early detection of cancers and better treatment outcomes.