India’s lack of interest to extradite Nirav Modi from UK exposed

New Delhi: Contrary to India’s claim that there had been no delay on India’s part in efforts to prosecute fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi and extradite him, when he was spotted on the streets of London last week, it was found that British authorities have had no response to several queries they’ve sent for information. As reported by NDTV, a legal team from the UK also offered to come to India to help facilitate action against Nirav Modi but allegedly got no response from India.

By March, it was confirmed by the Serious Frauds Office that Nirav Modi was in the UK. Lawyer Barry Stancombe, a junior barrister who specialises in fraud and money laundering was assigned by the frauds office to help India with its case. While going through India’s request, Stancombe and his team, realized they needed many more documents. But they wrote three letters that summer, they received no response. They also communicated their willingness to make a visit to India to collect evidence so that they can arrest Nirav Modi, but that did not get a response.

Due to the “lack of interest” on India’s part, the Serious Frauds office had stopped pursuing the case.