India’s gift, South Asia Satellite, all set to go to space today

Bangalore: ISRO to launch the SAARC’s joint project of South Asia satellite on Friday’s evening, PM Modi had promised six countries to launch the satellite today. However, Pakistan had refused to be a part of the project.

A similar satellite was offered by Brazil, but the deal was turned down and Prof U.R.Rao, former chairman, Isro, told that “inter-ministerial approvals are very difficult in India.” The South Asia satellite will be now launched by Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV), reported DC.

The Rs 235 Crores project will support a range of applications like telecommunications, broadcasting, tele-education, telemedicine and disaster management system linked to all nations for continuous communication when natural disasters strike the region.

“Besides the satellite, Isro could get an opportunity to build ground stations as well receive and interpret data from the satellite,” added Prof Rao.

While speaking to the space scientists, PM Modi at Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) in Sriharikota Range on June 30, 2014, said, “the space community to take up the challenge of developing a Saarc satellite that we can dedicate to our neighbourhood as a gift from India.”

The 2,230 kg satellite carries a new technology demonstrator called electric propulsion system which will cut the fuel load of spacecraft. It also has 12 Ku-band transponders and mission life of 12 years.