India’s first organic garment unit will give you the `Joy of Life`

New Delhi [India]: First of its kind, Organic Herbal Lifestyle Wellness Garments manufacturing plant located in the lap of mother nature, amidst very green & serene environment at Sadhupul near Chail & Shimla in Himachal Pradesh.

Organic products represent the next stage in lifestyle, now imagine your clothes made of non toxic chemicals or dyes and which is skin fortifying.

Advantage Organic Natural Technologies Private Limited (AONTPL) is the ‘State of the Art’ world’s first truly Organic Herbal Lifestyle Wellness Garments manufacturing plant using its indigenous Green Cleantech, Low Carbon Footprint, Patented Technology; is launching the ‘Joy of Life’ range of Under Garments, Night Wear, Yoga Wear for Men, Women, Kids and Infant wear. Joy Of Life’ aims to integrate “Ayurvastra” (Health Garment), the ancient science of clothing, using modern Nano-Bio Technology applications to dye & process garments using medicinally rich USFDA approved (Safe List) Herbs and other Bio-materials for Anti-Microbial, Invigorating, Moisture Regulating and other value-added properties.

AONTPL, the Company was incubated in the prestigious IIT Delhi Campus and owns three patents at USA, Europe & India and one more pending in India “Method for Dyeing a Textile product using Neem and Holy Basil Extract.”

The Company has developed first of its kind Green Proprietary Textiles Bio-processing Technology to produce Organic Herbal Garments with Skin Fortifying & Wellness properties using Modern Biotechnology Applications and by Bio-engineering Natural/ Organic Herbal ingredients only.

These garments are processed from a concoction of Neem, Tulsi & Apple Cider Vinegar (Malic Acid) alongside other herbal extracts used for colouring which have excellent protective & curative properties and will also have profound psychological impact on its users to use it again and make them feel younger & fit.

‘Joy of Life’ garments are aesthetically designed wherein each and every garment is infused with the natural goodness of Neem, Tulsi & Apple Cider Vinegar (Malic Acid). These garments are ultimate Luxury Undergarments that are soothing, comfortable, & hygienic with a healing touch for the most sensitive organs of a human body. Joy of Life uses only GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards) Certified bio-resources and avoids using any hazardous, harmful synthetic dyes or ingredients, thus making the products truly sustainable. Joy of Life has already created buzz in Europe & USA where populace are very hygiene & health conscious. Thus, these products will generate robust export sales.

Mr. Rajiv Rai Sachdev, M.D. ‘Joy of Life’ explains the thought behind the brand is the environment and people’s well being, which forms the DNA of our brand and is paramount in our mind, at every decision we make. Our range of garments stand for sophisticated fashion coupled with wellness that happens to be comfortable enough to wear 24 hours a day and most of all, friendly to the world around us.

“We are thankful to the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh which cleared this project under their single window clearance policy and for their support and believing in our vision of creating a healthy and sustainable fashion choice for the consumers, the planet and the people involved in the production chain”, adds Mr. Sachdev.

Joy of Life as a brand supports the global trend for all things green and ethical. The factory has a dedicated ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) & STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) of its own as per the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) norms that purifies the water and removes any toxic materials or chemicals emitted from the industry, to protect the environment.

This project will surely complement “MADE IN INDIA” drive launched by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (ANI)