Indians ‘travel plans’ for New Year decoded!

New Delhi :As more and more Indians get bitten by the travel bug, a new study shows that as many as 44 per cent travellers from India would increase their budgets in 2016.

“About 33 per cent of global travellers and 44 per cent Indian travellers plan to increase their travel budgets in 2016,” according to TripAdvisor’s latest TripBarometer study highlighting key travel trends for the next year.

The survey also found that about 47 per cent global hoteliers and 39 per cent Indian hoteliers will hike their room rates, with accommodation owners in South America (56 per cent) most likely to do so.

“Value is key for global travellers in 2016, as they look to get the most out of their trips. While a third plan to increase their travel budgets for 2016, the majority of global travellers expect essential amenities to be included in the price of their hotel and more than half say special offers can play a big part in their choice of destination,” TripAdvisor Director, Global Industry Relations Helena Egan said.

Conducted on behalf of TripAdvisor by independent research firm Ipsos, the TripBarometer study analysed nearly 45,000 survey responses from travellers and the hotel sector worldwide.

It is based upon an online survey conducted from October 15-29 2015, among a total of 44,782 interviews in 32 markets, spanning 7 regions.

For Indian travellers, the most important factors for selecting a hotel include air-conditioning, breakfast, room service and in-room wifi.

Commenting on the findings, TripAdvisor India Country Manager Nikhil Ganju said, “Indian travellers thinking of a holiday as a reward that their family deserves is just the right kind of sentiment to be moving into 2016 with.

Being high on the global list of travellers, who want to try something new bodes very well for the nascent activities space in the country.”

India is 18th in the global travel budget rankings, with an estimated average budget of USD 3107, compared to the global average travel spend of USD 5,100, the study said.

The destination’s culture and society is the most popular individual driver for travellers considering where to take a trip, with 47 per cent of global and 33 per cent of Indian respondents saying they have visited a country primarily because of its culture and people.

Just under one in four Indian travellers (23 per cent) has decided to extend a work trip to see more of a place and just under a third (32 per cent) have chosen a destination based on recommendations from a friend or relative.

Only 17 per cent of Indians say they have visited a specific destination for a spiritual pilgrimage, with only travellers from China more likely to choose a destination for this reason (20 per cent).