Indians ordered 115 biryanis per minute in 2021: Report

New Delhi: The country’s love for biryani only seems to be growing as online food delivery platform Swiggy said on Tuesday that Indians ordered 115 plates of biryani per minute in 2021.

The report mentioned that over 4.25 lakh new users made their Swiggy debut by ordering a chicken biryani, while the most binged snack of the year was samosa with about 5 million orders on Swiggy, equal to the population of New Zealand.

“Swiggy’s sixth annual StatEATstics report reveals how Indians ordered 115 plates of biryani per minute, samosas equal to the population of New Zealand, and enough tomatoes to play the Spanish Tomatina festival for eleven years,” the company said in a statement.

“In 2020, 90 biryanis were ordered per minute, which has gone up to 115 in 2021, which comes to 1.91 per second,” the statement said.

With a total of 2.1 million orders, gulab jamun was the most ordered dessert on Swiggy followed by rasmalai with 1.27 million orders.

The search for healthy food on Swiggy doubled in 2021, and health-focused restaurants on Swiggy HealthHub witnessed a 200 per cent increase in orders. Bengaluru emerged as the most health-conscious city, followed by Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Instamart delivered over 28 million packs of fruits and vegetables alone in 2021. Tomatoes, bananas, onions, potatoes, and green chilies were the top five fruits and veggies delivered in under 30 minutes.

The total bananas ordered on Instamart outweighed the Statue of Liberty by 2.6 times.