Indians holding green card, can avail visa on arrival in Dubai

Dubai: Indians who have a valid US visa or a green card will be able to now get a visa on arrival in Dubai.

According to a news report by Deccan Herald, the first Indian to get a visa arrived yesterday in Dubai.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (Dubai), While posting a picture on Instagram, announced his arrival. The unidentified Indian was greeted by Dubai International Airport staff.

The UAE Cabinet had approved a decision to grant Indian passport holders with either a valid US visa or a green card a visa-on-arrival from May 1. The decision was taken in March. The notice was then circulated to all border points, including airports and ports.

The facility has been activated to maintain a strategic partnership between India and UAE. Moreover, this gesture of UAE will help to generate more tourism to the country.

India falls under UAE’s second largest partner, which reaches USD 60 billion a year, with the UAE exports to India worth USD 27 billion a year, while India exports to the UAE is valued at USD 33 billion. In addition to that, there are 143 flights daily from both the countries, that is one flight per 10 minutes.