Indians face difficulties in getting H1B visas in US despite their American born children

INDIA: For Indians working in the US, it is becoming very difficult to get H1 B visas in-spite of the fact that their children were born in the US.

Despite the expansion of the activities of IT companies, the US officials are not favouring the issue of H1-B visas from Indians.

Consequently, many Indians have to come back to India. Those parents who were residing in the US as the dependents of their sons and daughters are now being freed to come back to the country.

The Indian workers whose children have become an American citizen by virtue of their births are not getting their H1-B job visas extended. They have to come back now to their native country.

It is reported that due to the enhanced number of applicants for getting cards, this step is being taken. It takes ten years for an Indian to get a green card. The same situation is likely to continue in the future as well.

Many Indian youths are disappointed that their applications for H1-B visas are being rejected.

It is reported that 20,20,000 Indians filed applications for green cards. During the current year, 8,072 applications for the extension of H1-B visas have already been reported in this year so far.

It is reported that after the change in the government when Mr Trump took over as US president, there were indications that getting H1-B visas has been made difficult.

The anxiety of the Indians working is on the increase due to these policies.

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