Indian yoga teacher in UAE sets 3 world records during COVID pandemic

Abu Dhabi: The travel ban to India due to the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a fruitful use for Bhagya Puttalingappa, a United Arab Emirates (UAE) based Indian yoga teacher, as she earned three spots in record books.

Bhagya Puttalingappa, a native of Karnataka, has been practising yoga since the age of eight and her childhood passion earned her not only a double place in the India Book of Records, but she also earned a spot in the Canada Book of Records.

In the India Book of Records, Bhagya holds one record for performing Shirshasana (head standing pose) on a chair for one minute and seven seconds and another record for performing the maximum yoga poses standing on her head for one minute.

Additionally, her feat of performing the longest leg of an eagle (female) lasting two minutes and four seconds earned her a spot in the Amazing Olympia World Records (the first Canadian book of world records).

Bhagia, yoga teacher at Ambassador School, Dubai has always encouraged  students to participate in international yoga competitions held in India, Singapore and Malaysia, where students have won accolades. She has also helped her students prepare for various international record books.

She even encourages her seven-and-a-half-year-old son to practice yoga for at least an hour every day.