Indian wrestlers make mark in WWE event

New Delhi: Even as the crowd eagerly awaited the much-anticipated clash between Big Show and Roman Reigns, Indian wrestlers sought to make an impression in the WWE live event, held at the Indira Gandhi Stadium here today.

The crowd cheered loudly as the Indian wrestlers made their entry into the ring.

Kishan Raftar, or Lovepreet Singh, defeated his opponent Jason Jordan and then Satender (Jeet Rama) got the better of Chad Gable, proving that the home-grown boys are here to compete and not just make up the numbers.

The enthusiasm was overwhelming from the fans even though their favourite John Cena could not attend the event following an injury to his shoulder.

The event is happening in India after 13 years and the participation of Indian wrestlers in this form of wrestling made the competition even more interesting.

The name of former WWE wrestler from India, ‘The Great Khali’, echoed throughout as the fans missed his gigantic presence in the ring.