Indian women investing in fierce, fun looks: Jewellery designers

New Delhi: Indian women are going for bold jewellery designs, whereas those in European and American markets prefer natural stones and deep colours with subtle silhouettes, say Gauri and Radhika Tandon of designer label Isharya.

“While European and American markets prefer natural stones and rich, deep colours but subtle silhouettes, India and the Middle East are culturally bolder with our jewellery,” Gauri told IANS.

Added Radhika: “This festive season, the ‘more is more’ aesthetic takes the center stage globally – bold colours, intriguing shapes and fascinating materials are lending a playful touch to women’s wardrobes.”

Both the designers launched their debut store in New Delhi at Select Citywalk, Saket.

The store showcases hand-cut polki mirror jewellery as well as their latest collections.

Radhika says that “while one holds their mother’s heirlooms close to their heart, women are also investing in fierce and fun looks with innovative silhouettes with statement earrings, ornate cuffs or layered necklaces”.

Added Gauri: “Maatha pattis and body jewellery are also on the rise, with brides creating a wow factor through jewellery pieces customised to go with their wedding outfits.”

For the festive season, the designers said the traditional ‘chaandbali’ and ‘jhumki’ are evergreen.

“Women have started looking more towards contemporary and lighter versions of these. Apart from traditional silhouettes, one can look at oversized hoops and hoop variations, dramatic earmuff style earrings that cover half the lobes or clip straight across, sword style earrings that pierce the lobe.

“Our favourite innovation is the needle and thread style earrings that weave through the ear with lots of feminine tassels and fringes,” said Radhika.

Gauri added: “For cocktail evenings and dinners, a statement cuff or an oversized ring still makes a popular conversation starter. Women are replacing pendant necklaces with the arm stack, where they play with mixed metals, different cuffs, bangles and charm bracelets to showcase their personal style.”

On the expansion plans of brand Isharya, the designers say they never had a business plan until a few years ago and the growth of the brand had all been organic so far.

“We now have a retail expansion plan in place for India and for our global site and a shift has been growing our B2C, direct retails sales while earlier we were largely focused on B2B,” said Radhika.