Indian Postal Service has to keep pace with competitive world, says President

New Delhi : President Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday cautioned probationers of Indian Postal Service, Indian Telecom Service and P and T Building Works Service have to keep pace with developments in an increasingly competitive world if they wanted to survive as a service-related institution.

The President said that the part privatization of the postal and telecom sector in the era of liberalisation has witnessed drastic changes in technology and exponential growth of the consumers. If they have to survive in the competitive world, they have to keep pace with the fast changing information and communication technology.

The President said that India has undergone a telecom revolution during the last two decades. The launch of mobile telephony and faster internet network in India has enabled India tap its vast digital potential.

India is emerging as a fast digital hub. It is the need of the hour to have best quality telecom and internet services. India now has about 46 crore internet users and 37 crore mobile users.

The numbers are likely to increase exponentially with enhanced levels of education and cheaper rate of internet and mobile telephony. He expressed hope that the Postal Academy and National Telecommunications Institute are providing requisite technical and non-technical inputs to enable the probationers to take up the ensuing challenges in the postal, telecom and building works sector. They have to work with professionalism, transparency and integrity to meet the aspirations of large number of people of India.

The probationers of the Indian Postal Service, who had called on the President at Rashtrapati Bhavan, are presently undergoing professional training at the Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National Academy, Ghaziabad.

Probationers of the Indian Telecom Service and P and T Building Work Service are undergoing their induction training at National Tele-communications Institute for Policy Research, Innovation and Training, Ghaziabad. (ANI)