Indian news channels ‘switched off’ in Nepal

Kathmandu: Nepal Cable TV operators on Sunday were forced to switch off nine Indian news channels by protesters against the unofficial ‘blockade of goods’ into the country.

“We got a letter from Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) that we should switch all the Hindi or Indian channels and we had a meeting at the Federation of Nepal Cable Television. Lots of our members are being threatened, especially in districts, that if we don’t switch off the channels, they can do anything,” Sudhir Parajuli, president, federation of Nepal Cable TV operators told ANI exclusively.

“So, we got pressure from our members as well. They said that instead of switching off Indian channels, we have decided only to switch off Indian news channel,” he added.

Amid agitation by the Joint Madhesi Front in the Himalayan nation, scores of goods laden trucks are stranded on the India-Nepal border.

Madhesis have been protesting over ‘discriminatory’ seven-province model of new Constitution.

Earlier, expressing concern over growing ‘anti- India’ sentiment in Nepal, Indian Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae had on Friday said, “We sense that this is being used for certain objective – political or otherwise.” (ANI)