Indian Muslims can set an example of religious harmony for world, says Dalai Lama

New Delhi: Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama on Thursday said Indian Muslims could set an example of religious harmony before the world.

At a press conference here, Lama said: “I have never heard a problem between Shia and Sunni in India, while in Muslim countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, they are fighting against each other.”

“India is a country with religious harmony despite so much diversity. I have suggested the government to do an international religious conference here,” he said.The Tibetan spiritual leader said, “If an international Buddhist conference, headed by former President of India Dr Radhakrishnan, can happen here in the past, then why not an international conference on all religions be conducted here?”

Commenting on Gurugram incident where a Muslim family was beaten up by some Hindus over an argument regarding a cricket match, Lama said: “There are misguided people in all religions.”

“Even some Buddhists are also misguided, but these people cannot symbolise the whole religion. We must think seriously to make 21st century peaceful and India can make a significant impression on the world.”

Lama also praised New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for the manner in which she handled the situation after terror attacks in Christchurch on March 15 that caused 50 lives.

On the speculation that succession of Dalai Lama will be in China, he said, “How long will I live? Suppose I live for the next 15 years, I think in that case the Chinese government will change by that time.”

“If I die next year, then China will have to show to the world that my reincarnation is born there. My rebirth cannot be at one particular place. It can be anywhere. I will take rebirth as long as the suffering remains, as long as space remains.” he said.

On the question of his exile in India, he said “I am not a separatist which the Chinese government thinks I am. We are not seeking independence from anyone.