Indian Mother made her way to Saudi Arabia to repay the debt of HIV infected son

Jeddah, July 19(By Mohammed Irfan): Mrs. Qamarunnisa 50 native of Gatta Prabha Village in Belgam district of Karnataka is stranded in Saudi Arabia and desperate to reach her home country, According to her statement she was working for a agency that supplies maids to families, she was brought to Saudi Arabia 8 months ago by some agents in Mumbai where she was promised to have good nanny job with monthly salary of Rs. 10,000 for a Family however after arriving in Kingdom reality was different, she was not paid salary.

Instead of working for a family as she was promised in India by recruitment agents, she was sent to an agency that keep her seems to renting and rotating to different families where she used to work from early morning to late in mid night and she can’t recall which place of the city name she was brought in but says that its about 6 hours journey from Jeddah City, after tired of work without any salary she is not in position to even abscond as she do not have any copy of her passport nor Iqama this made difficult for locate her details.

Last week Qamarunnisa Begum ran away from the place where she was working after falling ill and managed to reach Jeddah City .

After reaching Jeddah she was provided medical care by Indian Consulate and process under way to repatriate her back to home country.

While speaking with this correspondent Mrs. Qamarunnisa wept for her condition and says that she is mother two daughters and one is married and another is working in Belgam and she has adopted an orphan boy as her foster son and later at six years age the boy was diagnosed wit HIV/ AIDS where she spent nearly one lakh rupees for his treatment by borrowing the amount but unfortunately her efforts gone vain and child was died and debt which made for medication has to be repaid thus forced her to seek job in Gulf thus she came to Saudi Arabia, she has shown the pictures of her foster son and other family members. She also said that her husband is alive and in good health but liquor addict and not concern for family at all.