Indian Minorities Advocacy Network welcomes USCIRF’s recommendation

New Delhi: Indian Minorities Advocacy Network (ImanNet) has welcomed the recommendation by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to designate India as a country of particular concern or CPC, for engaging in and tolerating systematic, ongoing and egregious religious freedom violations as defined by the international religious freedom act (IRFA)

Hindutva supremacist ideology

“While it is a bright day for the campaign for human rights, pluralism and rule of law, it is also a dark day for India which at one time garnered respect from the world because of the ideology of Gandhi, Nehru and Azad. The Hindutva supremacist ideology of RSS which is currently ruling India through its political front the BJP has destroyed the pluralist ethos and the rule of law as well as hurt the growing economy of India,” said Dr. Shaik Ubaid, the president of ImanNet

“We would like to remind the world that while the USCIRF 2020 report was being readied for distribution, several hundred youth activities were being rounded up in India for standing up against the discriminatory laws which would have eventually disenfranchised tens of millions of Indian Muslims. These raids were being conducted while the country was under a lockdown because of the coronavirus and the world attention was diverted due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dr. Ubaid.


We urged the state department and the US government to fully implement the recommendations of the commission. It is easier to prevent genocide than to stop it once it starts, as evident in the case of Burma/Myanmar.

Hundreds of millions of religious minorities including Muslims, Christians and Sikhs as well as Dalits face a great threat to their lives and properties,” claimed Dr. Ubaid. He also congratulated the various human rights advocacy groups who worked hard to keep the USCIRF informed of the egregious violations of human rights in India.