Indian millennials feel AI can bring global peace

New Delhi: When it comes to achieving global peace and addressing social causes via technology, Indian millennials look forward to embracing artificial intelligence (AI) that can help find better solutions, a survey revealed on Wednesday.

According to the regional online survey by mobile operator Telenor Group that assessed the attitudes of Asia’s millennials towards technology and social impact, Indian millennials believe artificial intelligence (AI) will help governments and entreprises develop platforms to achieve peace.

“When asked about the technology that has the largest potential to give rise to peace, 36 per cent of India’s respondents placed their bets on AI, followed by the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual reality (VR),” Telenor said in a statement.

Across all six markets (Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Pakistan and Thailand) surveyed, AI, IoT and VR ranked consistently in the top three.

“These results suggests the vast potential seen in future technologies by the Internet generation,” the statement added.

The survey also found that India’s millennials are most passionate about providing opportunities for children to get an education, followed by employment to youth.